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Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

July 18, 2013

NOTES of a Meeting held at 9.00 pm. Thursday 18 July 2013 at the Village Centre,
Working Group Members Present:
John Lowman (Chairman) David Evans Judith Marsh
Rosemary Burns Rodney Jackson John Wilkinson Matthew Stokes
In attendance:
Sue Bourn
Bob Sampson
Julia Shorrocks
Stephen Hoyles (CLERK to the COUNCIL)

  1. Apologies for absence and declarations of interest: The following apologies were received prior to
    the meeting and accepted: Stephen Hand, James Smith . There were no declarations of interest.
  2. Neighbourhood Plan – the next steps: The Working Group considered the BRIEFING NOTE, to make
    RECOMMENDATIONS to COUNCIL. (Ref: BRIEFING NOTE – Neighbourhood Plan – the next steps – 16 July
    2013). After discussion the following were agreed as recommendations to Council:
    (1) Neighbourhood Plan:
    RECOMMENDATION to Council: The Council continues with the PARISH 2031
    Neighbourhood Plan, retaining the main elements including the Little Park and
    Highfield Drive housing sites, and the Country Park open space provision, but the Plan
    to be revised where appropriate and to take note of the 81-house development at
    College Lane, for which permission had recently been granted.
    (2) Response to MSDC:
    RECOMMENDATION to Council: The Council approves the issue of letters to
    MSDC and MP Nick Herbert.
  3. College Lane development (MSDC Ref: 13/01250): This application had been opposed by the Parish
    council and did not form part of the Neighbourhood Plan. However, following the granting of planning permission by
    MSDC on 11 July 2013 the applicant is required to enter into a s106 Agreement which includes the transfer of land and
    the payment of a commuted sum to the Parish Council. The applicant has offered an area of amenity land
    (approximately 8 Ac) to be transferred to the Parish Council with a commuted sum of £120,000 for ongoing
    maintenance. To enable the draft s106 Agreement to be progressed, the Council is being asked for its response to this
    arrangement. The taking of amenity land into the ownership of the Parish Council for a consideration of £1, providing
    it is supported with adequate finds for future maintenance, is accepted as a broad principle by the Council’s draft
    Neighbourhood Plan, as it provides additional amenity space around the village and prevents further development in
    perpetuity. The land area includes two SUDS drainage ponds, which should be the responsibility of either the
    development or MSDC for ongoing maintenance. It is suggested that these ponds should be maintained by others and
    not the Parish Council. Whilst the Council opposed this application it is suggested that this arrangement of land transfer
    and funds is acceptable. (Ref: MSDC email 12 July 2013)
    RECOMMENDATION to Council: As a result of the permission granted by MSDC, the
    Council agrees to the draft s106 Agreement including the transfer of amenity land and the
    supporting funds, on the terms described.
    The meeting closed at 10.10 pm

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