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Newsletter Winter 2017


February 2, 2017

The current national debate about the need for more housing covers most of the country, but no less so than in Mid Sussex
where there is continuing high demand. So does this mean yet more housing development?

The Mid Sussex District Council DISTRICT PLAN sets out their proposals for future development across Mid Sussex until 2031. These include plans for business parks, shops and offices, and other facilities, but most importantly housing. A Government Planning Inspector was appointed to oversee a public examination of the PLAN during 2017. Many different groups, including this Parish Council, gave evidence and the Inspector finished the examination in the autumn and is shortly to
formally confirm his findings. Not surprisingly the main finding is a significant increase on the previous housing targets. The District Council successfully argued for a more manageable rate of building for the next 4 to 5 years, but had to concede to a step-up in the building rate from 2023/24. The overall effect is to plan for around 2500 more homes than was
previously expected. And the Government has recently published national proposals which could have the effect of further increasing these targets in the longer term.

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