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August 24, 2017

MINUTES of the meeting of the Planning Committee on Thursday 24 August 2017 held immediately following a meeting of Council at 8.00 pm in the Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint.  

Committee Members Present 

Martin Machan –  Chairman   Allan Brown    Rosemary Burns  David Evans  Tony Lank   Malcolm Llewellyn  

Also Present:   

Stephen Hoyles  CLERK TO THE  COUNCIL  

1  member of the public 

P17/026.  Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Interest:  The following apologies for absence were received before the meeting and accepted:  Stephen Hand,  Rodney Jackson, Amanda Geel,  Julia Shorrocks,  John Lowman,  Bob Sampson  and Steve Whitehead.  The following members declared a personal interest: Martin Machan  (P17/030.3  104 High Street Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9PX (DM/17/3178)).  There were no other declarations of interest.   

P17/027.  Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 3 August 2017:  The minutes were received and accepted by the Committee and signed by the Chairman.   

P17/028.  Matters arising from the Meeting of the Planning Committee held on 3 August 2017:  There were no matters arising.  

P17/029.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  The Committee agreed to adjourn the Meeting in accordance with Clause 1(d) of Standing Orders to allow members of the public to speak.  It was agreed that the public would speak when the item was discussed.  The meeting then resumed.   

P17/030.  Planning applications delegated to Committee Chairman and Vice-Chairman in accordance with Minute P15/036:  (The decisions of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman were reported to the meeting.)  The 

Committee noted: 

P17/030.1  13 Hassocks Road Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9QH (DM/17/3087):   Yew (T1): 

– Fell and Cypress (T2) – Fell. 

  RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted. 

P17/030.2  Land adj to Oakhurst Sayers Common Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9JA (DM/17/3094)  T1 

Oak – remove lowest branch overhanging boundary back to fork and reduce overhanging garden growth by up to 2metres. T2 Oak – Remove epicormic growth on trunk. Remove lowest branch overhanging garden and reduce branches over hanging garden by up to 2 metres. T3 Oak – reduce growth overhanging garden by up to 2 metes.  

  RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted. 

P17/030.3  104 High Street Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9PX (DM/17/3178)   New window to replace existing shop front.  

  RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted. 

P17/030.4   54 College Lane Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9AH  (DM/17/3190):   Elder (T1) fell.  

  RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted. 

P17/030.5  Greensands Albourne Road Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9ES (DM/17/3356):  

T1 Sycamore – fell. T2 Sycamore – thin by 25%. T3 Ash x 2 – remove stem back to fork on south east side and thin both trees by 20%. T4 Sycamore x 2 – crown raise to 8 metres and thin by 25%. T5 Sycamore – crown raise to 6 metres. T6 Sycamore x 2 – reduce branches on eastern tree by up to 5 metres and reduce height of both by up to 3 metres. T7 Sycamore – fell. T8 Sycamore – fell. T9 and T10 Yew – reduce by up to 2 metres to north. T11 and T12 Holly – reduce to 2 metres. T13 Holly – reduce to 2 metres. T14 Conifer – fell. T15 Beech – Thin by 20%. T16 Oak – remove lowest limb to west and thin by 15%. T17 Hazel – re-coppice maximum 4 stems 

  RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted. 

P17/031.  Planning applications  – Committee decision:  The Committee was asked to consider the following and make RECOMMENDATIONS to the Planning authority: 

P17/031.1  Hornsdene Farm House Pookbourne Lane Sayers Common.   (DM/17/2600)  : Change of use of outbuilding to self contained dwelling house.  Amended plans received 15.08.2017 showing revised associated  curtilage. 

  The Committee makes no comment.   

P17/031.2  9 Marchants Close Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9XB (DM/17/3211):   Proposed front extension to garage, side utility extension and alterations to porch.  

  RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted. 

P17/031.3  Millstone Studio Cobbs Mill Mill Lane Sayers Common Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9HN 

(DM/17/3197):   Amend conditions 7 and 10 of planning permission 14/01662/FUL to allow a future use of unit 3 as a music studio if required. In discussion the Committee proposed that MSDC should investigate the appropriate hours of use.   

RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted.  It is advised that MSDC should investigate the appropriate hours of use for the planning conditions.   

P17/031.4   Sayers Common Community Shop Ltd Community Store Village Hall London Road Sayers Common West Sussex BN6 9HX (DM/17/3144):    Singlestorey front extension enlarging existing community shop.  

  RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted. 

P17/031.5  Avtrade Global Headquarters Reeds Lane Sayers Common Hassocks West Sussex BN6 

9JQ (DM/17/3298):  Discharge of conditions nos. 3, 4, 6, 7, 16 and discharge of informative 4. For application 


  RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted. 

P17/031.6  Langton Stables Langton Lane Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9EY 

(DM/17/3280):    Erection of 2 No.single storey detached dwellings together with access driveway and associated hard and soft landscaping works.  A representative of the applicant spoke in support of the application, and indicated that the parcel of land immediately to the north of the proposed dwellings could be set aside for conservation and protected from future development.  The Committee noted these comments and discussion took place about the potential benefits of securing such protection in the event that permission were granted.  Concern was expressed about building in the countryside, extending the built-up area and the impact on the Local Gap.   

RECOMMENDATION: Refusal:  Contrary to  Local Plan policy C1 (Protection of the countryside), contrary to Neighbourhood Plan  policy Hurst C1 (Countryside – conserving and enhancing character)  and Hurst C3 (Local Gaps and preventing coalescence) 

P17/031.7   5 Fairfield Crescent Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9SE (DM/17/3242):    Demolition of existing detached garage and construction of single storey rear and side extension, two storey side extension, loft conversion and extension. Roof reconfigured to include dormer window units. Property entry to be repositioned on East Elevation. The Committee expressed concern about the scale of development in the context of the surrounding dwellings.   

RECOMMENDATION: Refusal:  Contrary to  Local Plan policy H9 (over-development of site.)  

P17/031.8  4 Hassocks Road Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9QN (DM/17/2899):    Proposed change of use of existing ground floor of managers house to residential (C3) in order to let commercially. 

  RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted. 

P17/031.9  Garden Cottage, New Way Lane, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex, BN6 9BB  

(SDNP/17/03992/HOUS):  To construct a barn to the rear of Garden Cottage.   

RECOMMENDATION: Refusal:  Contrary to  Local Plan policy C1 (Protection of the countryside), contrary to Neighbourhood Plan  policy Hurst C1 (Countryside – conserving and enhancing character) . 

P17/032.  MSDC Planning Decisions: (All as HP&SCPC recommendation, except where noted.) P17/032.1. Granted: The Committee noted permissions granted by MSDC: 

  1. (1) Clifford Lodge, 5 High Street, Hurstpierpoint,  Hassocks  : DM/17/2529:  Description: landscaping proposals to include a new front  boundary wall, gate and railing with a path to  front door. Proposed patio to the rear and two  storage sheds.   

Decision Date: 14 Aug 2017 

  1. (2) Hurstpierpoint College, College Lane,  Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks Reference: DM/17/2448:    Description: alteration of existing pre-prep and prep school  car park to provide secondary exit to highway and associated alterations.  Decision Date: 15 Aug 2017 
  2. (3) 88 Wickham Hill, Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks, West Sussex Reference: DM/17/1791:  Description: single storey rear/side extension including alterations to front gate and boundary wall. Amended plans received 12.07.2017 showing alteration the rear elevation of extension to include set of bifold doors and addition of new terrace to rear with swimming pool. 

Decision Date: 16 Aug 2017 

  1. (4) Box House Farm, Langton Lane, Hurstpierpoint,  DM/17/1083:  Description: construction of a new single detached dwelling with associated hard and soft landscaping works. This application seeks permission for amendments to the scheme approved under reference DM/16/2772.   Decision Date: 8 Aug 2017 
  2. (5) Southmead, South Avenue, Hurstpierpoint   Reference: DM/17/2697  Description: replacement garage/ hobby room as approved under DM/17/0036, but with additional small escape window as required by building control.  Decision Date: 8 

Aug 2017 

  1. (6) 8 Dunlop Close, Sayers Common, Reference: DM/17/2493  Description: conversion of attached garage to habitable use.  Decision Date: 4 Aug 2017 
  2. (7) 8 Dunlop Close, Sayers Common, Hassocks, West Sussex  Reference: Dm/17/2489  Certificate Of Lawful Use Or 

Development (Proposed) Proposal: Roof Ridge Alteration And Provision Of Dormer  Window Unit To Rear South Facing Roof Slope.  Decision Date: 4 Aug 2017 

  1. (8) Pakyns Garden Cottage, Albourne Road, Hurstpierpoint,: (DM/17/2550):  Proposed new entrance from existing private drive. Certificate of Lawful Use or Development (Proposed).  Decision Date 16 Aug 2017   
  2. (9) Wych House, Halton Shaws, Hurstpierpoint (DM/17/0911): construction of a new chalet-style, detached dwelling, including an integral garage and annexe accommodation, arranged over two storeys, with new vehicular and pedestrian access on to hassocks road.  Amended plans received 08.06.2017 showing reduction in footprint of dwelling and dwelling sited further from southwest and southeast boundaries of site.   Decision Date: 31 Jul 2017.  HP&SCPC recommendation: REFUSAL:  overlooking, overdevelopment of the site, proximity to Conservation area currently being considered for extension which would include this site – Contrary to Neighbourhood Plan Policy Hurst C4 – Conservation Areas, new development. Safety of access to development. The Committee fully supports the comments of Hurstpierpoint Society (10)  : Land Parcel At , Hassocks Road, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex (DM/17/2039):   the erection of a new, part twostorey dwelling to be partially buried within the existing topography, together with associated hard and soft landscaping works.  This application seeks permission for amendments to scheme withdrawn under reference DM/16/5495.  Decision Date: 31 Jul 2017 
  3. (11) 154 Cuckfield Road, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex (DM/17/2272):   Proposed Single Storey Rear Extension And A 

Part Two Storey Rear Extension.  Decision Date: 2 Aug 2017 

  1. (12) Northbrooks, Danworth Lane, Hurstpierpoint (DM/17/2485):   Application for determination as to whether prior approval is required for the change of use of the farm building at Northbrooks from agricultural to residential and for the associated building works.  Decision date: 9 Aug 2017    HP&SCPC:  Refusal – contrary to Neighbourhood Plan Policy Countryside HurstC3 – Local Gaps and Preventing Coalescence 

P17/032.2. Refused: The Committee noted  refusals by MSDC: (All as HP&SCPC recommendation, except where noted).   

(1)  145 High Street, Hurstpierpoint  BN6 (DM/17/2313):  Retrospective application to consider extensions and alterations which vary from permission ref:  DM/16/5175.  Decision date:  24 August 2017.  (HP&SCPC Recommendation:  Refusal)  The Committee noted Briefing Note (23 August 2017) and WSCC email (8 August 2017) regarding the alleged building onto the public footway, and it was noted that a discrepancy appeared to exist between measurements taken.  It was agreed that the Council would advise WSCC of this difference.  (REF:  HP&SCPC Briefing Note :  145 High St – 243 August 2017;  WSCC email  8 August 2017)   

P17/032.3. Withdrawn: The Committee noted withdrawn applications: 

(1)  Land At Little Park Farm Hurstpierpoint West Sussex  Reference: DM/17/2798. This withdrawal has been challenged by the applicant.   

P17/032.4  Appeals: The Committee noted: 

(1)  Land south of 1 Cobbs Croft, Chalkers Lane, Hurstpierpoint (DM/16/0794):  2 detached cottages.  Appeal allowed  (Ref:  APP/D3830/W/17/3172449).   

P17/032.  Application for a temporary road closure:  Hurstpierpoint: Festival Opening Day – Sunday 17th 

September 2018.  The committee is asked to consider this application to  close the High Street to traffic 12.00 to 18.00 hrs and respond to MSDC.  (Ref:  MSDC email  9 August 2017)   

RESOLVED:  The Council has no objection to the road closure 17 September 2017.   

There being no other business the meeting closed at  9.25 pm      Chairman 

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