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July 5, 2018

MINUTES of the meeting of the Planning Committee on Thursday 5 July 2018 at 8.00 pm in the Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint.  

Committee Members Present 

Martin Machan (Chairman)   David Evans   Peter Griffiths  Malcolm Llewellyn  Allan Brown  Rodney Jackson  Julia Shorrocks  Rosemary Burns  Tony Lank  

Also Present:   

  Charlotte Kempson ASSISTANT CLERK  

  9 members of the public  

P18/018.  Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Interest:  The following apologies for absence were received prior to the meeting and accepted: Stephen Hand and Bob Sampson.  

The following members declared a personal interest: Peter Griffiths (P18/023.4. Maltings Farm, Malthouse Lane, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9JZ (DM/18/2037)). Tony Lank and Martin Machan (P18/023.3. (Hurstpierpoint Bowling Club, Recreation Ground, South Avenue, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9QB (LI/18/0486)). 

P18/019.  Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 17 May and 24 May 2018:    The minutes were received and accepted by the Committee and signed by the Chairman.  

P18/020.  Matters arising from the Meeting of the Planning Committee held on 17 May and 24 May 

2018:  There were no matters arising.  

P18/021.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  The Committee agreed to adjourn the meeting in accordance with Clause 1(d) of Standing Orders to allow members of the public to speak.  It was agreed that the public would speak when the item was discussed. The meeting then resumed.  

P18/022.  Planning applications delegated to Committee Chairman and Vice-Chairman in accordance with Minute P17/048:  (The decisions of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are reported to the meeting.)   

P18/022.1.  16 Western Road, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9TA (DM/18/2332) proposed single storey rear extension and alterations.  

  RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted.  

P18/022.2.  Kent Lodge, Hassock Road,  Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9QH (DM/18/2459) Holly (T1) – reduce by 1 to 

2 metres. Willow (T3) – crown reduction of 3 metres.  Eucalyptus (T4) – crown reduction of 3 metres.  

  RECOMMENDATION: No comment, documents were not available on the MSDC website.  

P18/022.3.  32 and 34 Western Road, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9TA (DM/18/2479) amendment to approved 

DM/173895 to include render to rear elevation, grey aluminium window and bi fold door to the rear elevation, flat roof to the new extension on the front and entrance door to the ground floor flat repositioned on the side elevation.  

  RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted.  

P18/022.4.  Oaklands, London Road, Sayers Common, BN6 9HY (DM/18/2505) Two Oak (T1 and T2) reduce branches back to the boundary of 6 Heath Close.  

  RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted.  

P18/022.5.  Tower House, High Street, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9RQ (DM/18/2573) T1 Holly and T2 London Plane 

– lift branches off the roof of Tower House by 1-2 metres.  

  RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted.  

P18/022.6.  2 Willow Way, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9TG (DM/18/2600) T1 Ash tree – pollard tree back to previous points.  

  RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted.  

P18/022.7.  Dukeside, 4 Dukes Place, Sayers Common, BN6 9FJ (DM/18/2626) group of 4 x Oaks – reduce back by 2-3 metres.  

  RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted.  

P18/023.  Planning applications  – Committee decision:  The Committee was askedconsider the following and make RECOMMENDATIONS to the Planning Authority: 

P18/023.1.  13 Wilderness Road, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9XD (DM/18/2302) proposed sub-division of existing bungalow into 1 no. 2 bed and 1 no. 1 bed single storey semi-detached dwellings. 3 Members of the public, being neighbours of the application, spoke in objection. 

  RECOMMENDATION: Un-sustainable, unneighbourly, over- looking and over development of  the site. The shared driveway would allow for access to 3 properties, which would have a  detrimental effect on neighbouring properties.  Not in keeping with the settlement pattern and  harmful to the character of the road.  

  Contrary to Neighbourhood Plan Policy Hurst H5:  development principles and District Plan  Policy DP26: Character and Design.  

P18/023.2.  Land at Grid Reference 527951 115880 Brighton Road, Hurstpierpoint (DM/18/2418) variation 

of condition 2 in relation to planning application DM/17/1026, to allow revised plans for minor variations including the substation of roof lights for sun tunnels on the southeast and northwest elevations, addition of a roof light and removal of obscure glazing to roof lights.  

  RECOMMENDATION: Refusal – overlooking due to removal of obscure glazing.  

P18/023.3.  Hurstpierpoint Bowling Club, Recreation Ground, South Avenue, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9QB 

(LI/18/0486) changes to the layout of the premises.  The Chairman proposed Councillor Malcolm Llewellyn chair this item. The Committee had no objection.  

  RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted.  

P18/023.4.  Maltings Farm, Malthouse Lane, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9JZ (DM/18/2037) Demolition of outbuildings. Erection of 5 dwellings. Amended location plan received 22.06.2018 to include proposed access.  6 members of the public spoke in opposition, with concerns the application contravenes both the District and Neighbourhood Plans.  

  RECOMMENDATION: Refusal – Access would be via a single lane track, it is therefore    considered inadequate and unsafe. It would have a detrimental effect on the footpaths both in   and surrounding the proposed development. The proposed development is located within the   Green Circle and contrary to the following  policies in the District Plan:   DP12: Protection and Enhancement of Countryside   DP13: Preventing Coalescence.  

  DP15: New Homes in the Countryside 

  DP28: Accessibility  

  And the following Neighbourhood Plan Policies:    Hurst C1: Conserving and Enhancing Character 

  Hurst C3: Local Gaps and Preventing Coalescence.  

P18/023.5.  Hurstpierpoint College, College Lane, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9JS (DM/18/2323) change of use of 

2nd floor common room at St John’s House to five boarding rooms. (Amended plans received 21.06.2018).  

  RECOMMENDATION: No objection. 

P18/024.  MSDC Planning Decisions: (All as HP&SCPC recommendation, except where noted.) P18/024.1. Granted: the Committee noted permissions granted by MSDC: 

  1. (a) 5 Fairfield Crescent, Hurstpierpoint (DM/18/1311) demolition of existing detached garage and construction of single storey rear and side extension, two storey rear extension, loft conversion and extension to front south elevation.  New west roof slope with dormer window unit 2300 mm max and roof light units. Property entry to the repositioned on east elevations.  
  2. (b) 11 Iden Hurst, Hurstpierpoint (DM/18/1635) proposed single storey front extension with porch.  
  3. (c) 5 Cherrington Close, Hurstpierpoint (DM18/1560) single storey flat roof extension to the west elevation. Roof change over detached garage from flat roof to gabled at front and rear and pitched to side.  
  4. (d) Hurstpierpoint College, College Lane, Hurstpierpoint (DM/18/1588) change of use of dining room and kitchen to two class rooms and subdivision of art class room to two class rooms.  
  5. (e) 11 Brown Twins Road, Hurstpierpoint (DM/18/1916) Beech – remove two lowest branches closest to property roof. Yew – remove small, low rubbing branch and crown reduce by 1m.  Horse Chestnut – reduce branch closest to roof back to first fork.  
  6. (f) Land Parcel South of Hornsdene Farm House, Pookbourne Lane, Sayers Common (DM/17/4991) change of use of land to D1 use and the erection of a purpose built warehouse for use as a Dog Care Business.  Amended plans received 16.02.2018. 
  7. (g) 162 Cuckfield Road, Hurstpierpoint (DM/18/1797) to construct a single storey rear extension to form a bedroom with ensuite bathroom, as well as to provide a rear level access platform with ramp to the new extension and main house.  The new extension footprint is to include the existing shed, which is to be removed.  
  8. (h) 56 Cuckfield Road,  Hurstpierpoint (DM/18/2112) erection of a single storey rear extension extending beyond the rear wall of the original house by 5 metres, to a maximum height of 3.5 metres and the height of the eaves to 3 metres.  (i)  Flinthurst, Albourne Road, Hurstpierpoint (DM/18/2058) (T1) Sycamore – fell leaving stump.  (G2) Ash and Sycamore – reduce by 3m. (G1) Ash, Sycamore and Oak – reduce by 2m.  

(j)  Ailsa Craig, Abberton Field, Hurstpierpoint (DM/18/2118) (T1) 17 Conifers – fell.  

P18/024.2. Refused: the Committee noted refusals by MSDC: (All as HP&SCPC recommendation, except where noted).   

(a)  Northbrooks, Danworth Lane, Hurstpierpoint (DM/18/1576) proposed change of use of agricultural buildings to two dwelling houses and for associated operational development.  

P18/024.3. Withdrawn: The Committee noted withdrawn applications: No notifications received.  

P18/024.4  Appeals: the Committee noted planning appeals:No notifications received.  

P18/025. South Downs National Park Authority – Local Heritage List Consultation: South Downs National 

Park Authority is looking to create a ‘Local Heritage List’ to identify non-designated heritage assets. A draft set of criteria and guidance notes have been prepared.  Once the criteria are agreed, SDNPA will invite Parish Councils to offer suggested additions to the LHL. The Committee is asked whether it wishes to comment or make suggestions to improve the criteria and guidance notes.  A discussion took place and the committee agreed to the suggestion that criteria regarding Open Spaces should be added, to enable additional protection within the SDNP. (Ref: Local Heritage List – Consultation with Parish Councils – email 15 June 2018).  

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.55pm     Chairman 

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