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MINUTES of the meeting of the Planning & Environment Committee, held on Thursday 6th August 2020 at 7.30 pm via Microsoft Teams video conferencing. 

Committee Members present:  

Martin Machan (Chairman) Tony Lank (Vice-Chairman) Allan Brown David Evans   Also present: Helen Valler, Assistant Clerk                             Bob Sampson Julia Shorrocks Seth Jee Michael Avery  

P&E20/21.017 Apologies for absence: Due to the Coronavirus the meeting was not held in person. Apologies for absence were received and accepted by John Lowman, Stephen Hand, Peter Griffiths. 

P&E20/21.018 Declarations of Interest; the following declarations were received: 

DM/20/2130 110a High Street – Cllr Machan -personal interest 

DM/20/2511 & DM/20/2532 17 Lynton Close – Cllr Avery personal interest  

DM/20/2493 – All Planning & Environment Planning Committee members financial interest 

P&E20/21.019 Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 2nd July 2020: Due to the Coronavirus the minutes from the following previous meetings were also agreed and will be signed by the Chairman at the next available opportunity: 19th March 2020, 16th April 2020, 7th May 2020. 

P&E20/21.020 Matters arising from the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 2nd July 2020: There were no matters arising 

P&E20/21.021 Adjournment for questions from the public: Members considered whether to adjourn the meeting in order to receive questions from members of the public in attendance.  No members of the public present. 

P&E20/21.0022 Planning applications delegated to Committee Chairman and Vice-Chairman in accordance with Minute P17/048.  The following Applications were reported to the Committee and the Recommendations to the Planning Authority agreed: 

(1) 17 Dunlop Close Sayers Common BN6 9SL. DM/20/2229. (T1) Oak – Remove major deadwood. 

RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted  

(2) 7 Iden Hurst Hurstpierpoint BN6 9XZ. DM/20/2201. Single storey rear extension. 

RECOMMENDATIONPermission is granted  

(3) 3 Brown Twins Road Hurstpierpoint BN6 9XT. DM/20/2110. Partial conversion of existing garage to work space and storage area. 

RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted  

(4) 53 The Grange Hurstpierpoint BN6 9FD. DM/20/2272. Single storey rear extension, juliet balcony roof light to the rear. 

RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted  

(5) Coombe Cottage Langton Lane Hurstpierpoint BN6 9EZ. DM/20/2340. Proposed infill of existing openings with windows to form further ancillary accommodation. Lawful Development Certificate –Proposed. 


(6) 40 The Grange Hurstpierpoint BN6 9FD. DM/20/2190. Conversion of existing garage to family room, formation of permeable parking area off existing drop kerb. 

RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted  

P&E20/21.023 Planning applications – Committee decision: The Committee considered the following and made RECOMMENDATIONS to the Planning authority: 

(1) Berry Cottage 82 Western Road Hurstpierpoint BN6 9TB. DM/20/2064. Single storey rear extension. 

RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted  

(2) 110A High Street Hurstpierpoint BN6 9PX. DM/20/2130. Rear extension incorporating raised roof and 4 no. front facing dormers. Cllr Machan declared a personal interest, Cllr Lank took the Chair 


The Committee were concerned about the major impact and significant harm, detrimental impact and visual impact this application would have on the Conservation Area street scene viewed from both the High Street and South Lane including the recreation ground.  

Hurst C1 Conserving and enhancing Character 

Hurst H5 Development principles 

MSDC DP 26 Character and Design 

DP 35 Conservation Area 

Further concern was also expressed about the impact this application would have on the neighbour occupying the retail element of this overall property. 

(3)  Tanglewood Abberton Field Hurstpierpoint BN6 9QD. DM/20/2312. T1 Yew – reduce crown on SW side by approximately 1 metre to balance, T2 Macrocarpa – fell, T3 Sycamore – re-pollard, T4 Ash – reduce branches encroaching satellite dish by 1.5 metres. Cllr Machan resumed the chair. 

RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted  

(4) Heathland Build Ltd Heathland 5 Albert Silsby Place Hurstpierpoint BN6 9YG. DM/20/2215. Change of use from B1(a) office to C3 residential including rear dormers. 


The Committee were in agreement with public representations that the office should be granted change of use to residential. However, concern was expressed concerning the loss of privacy and overlooking of No 6 Silsby Place, in particular compromising the security of young children attending Erskine Childrens Nursery.  It was felt that such a substantial detrimental impact could not be overcome by a planning condition for obscured glass and restricted opening windows in the dormer windows. 

The Committee noted the reference to Velux windows and/or a redesign of the first floor as a possible solution to the loss of privacy. 

(5) The Old Police Station Jobs Lane Sayers Common BN6 9HE. DM/20/1782. Removal of existing B1(a) Office building and a detached garage block. Proposed erection of 3no B1(a) Office Units, retaining existing access to vehicular car park at the rear of the site, together with associated bin and cycle stores. 

RECOMMENDATION: Refusal – The application is contrary to the following policies: Hurst C1 conserving and enhancing character. DP26 – Character & Design. Street scene is too residential in style, over development of site.  

(6) 178 Cuckfield Road Hurstpierpoint BN6 9SD. DM/20/2346. Two storey three-bedroom dwelling with repositioned access and detached garage. 

RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted  

(7) Naldretts Farm Pookbourne Lane Sayers Common BN6 9HD. DM/18/1860. Change of use of grazing land to a polo pitch with associated works including the formation of a new lagoon, landscaping, and vehicular access via Northend Lane (Amended plans and information submitted on 2 August 2018) (Amended plans and information submitted on 11 October 2018) (Amended plans and information received on 30 June 2020) 

RECOMMENDATIONRefusal – We would question the need for the import of considerable amounts of material to level what already appears to be a fairly level Playing Field, and which as stated is for primarily Private use?  (see also Photo attached).   Notwithstanding the provisions proposed for HGV’s, has consideration been given to access by “Grading” vehicles and which would presumably require movements on even larger low loaders? 

Mill Lane forms part of the village network of Quiet Lanes and construction traffic will cause pollution and noise to all houses close to the proposed development. 

Whilst we accept that work has been done to justify the use of Mill Lane as an access route, we continue to have concerns as to the safety of this.  In particular the access to Mill Lane from Cuckfield Road does not appear to have been given sufficient consideration, and we believe this has significant accident potential.  Do the proposals even include basic advance warning signs of “Slow-Moving HGV’s turning”? 

Large HGV’s will be turning into a narrow lane across traffic typically approaching at 45 – 50 mph on a National Speed Limit road. Whilst swept path analysis shows there is room for a car and HGV to pass at the entrance to the lane, this relies on the car being at the extreme left edge of the carriageway. 

If allowed to go ahead, the passing points will cause considerable damage to verges, hedgerows, etc and which is likely to be permanent, and in contravention of MSDC DP 37. 

Ecology Reports have been done, but at inappropriate times of the year, and are therefore of limited value. 

We note that the CHA is now asking for more information when a year ago they appeared satisfied with the Proposals indicating that we are not alone in sharing considerable concerns about the Highways aspect of this Application. We strongly recommend that the Application is turned down. 

(8) Stanhope Cottage 125 Western Road Hurstpierpoint BN6 9SY. DM/20/2374. Ash (T1) – Fell 

RECOMMENDATION:  Permission is granted  

(9) Coombe Cottage Langton Lane Hurstpierpoint BN6 9EZ. DM/20/2340. Proposed infill of existing openings with windows to form further ancillary accommodation. 


(10) Big Edgerley College Lane Hurstpierpoint BN6 9QY. DM/20/2454. Construction of an outdoor swimming pool and associated hard and soft landscaping works. Alterations to existing fenestration to the rear (south) elevation. 

RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted subject to further information surrounding lighting provision for the development, to minimise light pollution.  

(11) 97 College Lane Hurstpierpoint BN6 9AE. DM/20/2434. Single storey rear extension. 

RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted  

(12) 17 Lynton Close Hurstpierpoint BN6 9AN. DM/20/2511. First floor dormer side extension. 

RECOMMENDATION: Refusal – The application is contrary to the following policies: Hurst C1 – Conserving & enhancing character. DP26 – Character & Design. Detrimental impact on the street scene and neighbour privacy.  

(13) 17 Lynton Close Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9AN. DM/20/2532. Demolition of existing conservatory. Proposed single storey rear extension and proposed new obscured glazed window on east elevation. 

RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted  

(14) Springbank Cottages Langton Lane Hurstpierpoint BN6 9EX. DM/20/2430. T1 Mixed broad leaved and coniferous trees – Crown lift to give ground clearance of 2m and trim back branches clear of cables and outbuildings by 1.5m. Coppice one hazel to promote growth of Yew tree. 

RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted  

(15) 45 Wickham Hill Hurstpierpoint BN6 9NP. DM/20/2472. Demolition of existing single storey extension and construction of replacement two storey side extension, with infill single storey extension to rear. Extension and alteration of rear roof terrace over existing ground floor. 

RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted  

(16) The Old Barn Southbrooks Farm Danworth Lane Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9LW. DM/20/2509.  Demolition of existing buildings and erection of a two bedroom dwelling house. 

RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted  

(17) Bungalow 2 Valley Farm Reeds Lane Sayers Common, BN6 9JQ. DM/20/2550. Construction of a replacement dwelling; a new, contemporary chalet bungalow with associated hard and soft landscaping works. 

RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted – subject to the inclusion of an electric charging point. 

(18) 1 Oakfield London Road Sayers Common, BN6 9HT. DM/20/2621. Conversion of existing double garage into habitable room; and erection of replacement detached double garage. 

RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted 

(19) Land To Rear Of South Lodge South Avenue Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9QB. DM/20/2493. Variation of condition Number 2 of DM/19/0059. To vary the plans and elevations referred to under “Plans Referred to in Consideration of this Application”, to agree minor modifications to the elevations and internal layout. To substitute the drawings 1061-PA-011A, 1061-PA-012A, 1061-PA-013A & 1061-PA-010E with the following submitted drawings 1107-19-A01, 1107-19-A02, 1107-19-A03 & 1107-19-A04 dated July 2020. 

RECOMMENDATION: No comment, due to a financial interest. 

(20) Mews Cottage 79 High Street Hurstpierpoint. DM/20/1698. Listed Building Consent: Proposal: Demolition of porch. 

RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted  

(21) The Stables Eastern House 27 Hassocks Road Hurstpierpoint. DM/20/2730. Trees in a Conservation Area Proposal: Pittosporum (T1) – Fell. Hawthorn (T2) – Reduce crown by 0.5m. 

RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted  

P&E20/21.024 Licencing Applications: The Committee is asked to consider the following and make RECOMMENDATIONS to the Planning authority: 

(1) Hurst Brewery Ltd. Highfields Farm, College Lane, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex, BN6 9JT. LI/20/0767. New Premises Licence. 

RECOMMENDATION: Permission is granted  

P&E20/21.025 MSDC Planning Decisions: (All as HP&SCPC recommendation, except where noted) 

(1) Granted: The Committee noted permissions granted by MSDC: 

a) Furlong House Pitt Lane Hurstpierpoint BN6 9QA. DM/20/1480. The erection of a single detached dwelling together with driveway and associated hard and soft landscaping works. 

b) Berry Cottage 82 Western Road Hurstpierpoint BN6 9TB. DM/20/1746. T1 Box Elder – reduce crown by 1 metre. T2 Japanese Maple – reduce crown by 1 metre. 

c) 122 Western Road Hurstpierpoint BN6 9TB. DM/20/1563. Single storey rear extension. 

d) Langton Grange Langton Lane Hurstpierpoint BN6 9HB. DM/20/1693. Insertion of three new oak timber posts within existing internal wall, following approval of works under references DM/19/1523 and DM/19/1528. 

e) Land West Of Burgess Hill Between The A273 And A2300 Burgess Hill West Sussex. DM/20/0254. Reserved Matters application for DM/18/5114 – the first phase of the Western Link Road, comprising the construction of a new all-movements roundabout on the A273 Jane Murray Way, a single-carriageway 7.3-metre wide highway link with two 3-metre shared footways/cycleways and two 2.75-metre verges, connecting to the A2300 via a new all-movements roundabout, junction to the UKPN electricity substation, junction to future employment uses, zones for two minor junctions, signalised crossing points, earthworks, surface water and foul drainage infrastructure, utilities corridors, lighting, and landscaping. Amended plans and updated supported documents received 17th March 2020 detailing amendments including the extension of the southern boundary of the site to accommodate increased drainage basins and inclusion of bridleway on north side of A2300. (Transport note received 30th April, Amended plans received 12th May showing minor increase in width of application site area either side of the proposed link road corridor and amended biodiversity report, planning statement and additional sections received 29th May) 

f) Land East Of Martlet House Hurstpierpoint College Chalkers Lane Hurstpierpoint BN6 9JS. DM/20/1393. Formation of new car park 

g) The Granary and Stables, Wolstonbury Farm, New Way Lane, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9BB. SDNP/20/00214/FUL. Conversion of the buildings to a dwelling (amendment to approved scheme SDNP/19/00248/FUL) 

h) Cowdrays, Policemans Lane Hurstpierpoint BN6 9TW. DM/20/1985. T1 Beech – Reduce crown height by up to 2.5m. 

i) 2 Pakyns Court Albourne Road Hurstpierpoint BN6 9ET. DM/20/1839. Partial double garage conversion into home office room and single garage. 

j) 2 Pakyns Court Albourne Road Hurstpierpoint BN6 9ET. DM/20/1844. Replacement of existing single glazed casement timber sashes with double glazed timber sashes 

k) 1 Barter Close, Hurstpierpoint. DM/20/2124 description: Oak (T3) reduction of a low hanging branch by max 2m, encroaching on car parking space. 

(2) Refused: The Committee noted refused applications: 

a) 48 Kemps, Hurstpierpoint BN6 9UE. Non material amendment to DM/19/0724 to allo removal of bedroom to create larger primary bedroom including ensuite to replace cupboard.  Addition of 2 x obscure glazed rooflights, one in the proposed ensuite and one in main bathroom. (Decision: Refuse to Approve – Full Application Required) 

(3) Withdrawn: The Committee noted withdrawn applications:  

No notifications received  

(4Appeals: The Committee noted planning appeals: 

a) Lodge Cottage South Avenue Hurstpierpoint. AP/20/0024. Removal of condition 4 relating to planning application DM/19/1837 requiring the proposed window to be obscured/non-opening except over 1.7m above finished floor level (retrospective). 

P&E20/21.026 – The committee noted the following: 

 The 23 July 2020 Council meeting noted the following information items: 

(1) Ref: Council Minute C20/21.040.1 – Land 150m south of Parson’s Withes Wood East of Pangdean Lane, Goddards Green DM/20/2287: Cllr Machan reported that the deadline for this “permission in principle” application of 30 July 2020 did not leave time for the Planning & Environment Committee to meet to consider the item before their next meeting on 6 August.  An extension to the deadline had not been granted.  The Committee had therefore agreed a (majority) response to the consultation based on a repeat of previous objections to application 19/1967, as follows:  

RECOMMENDATION: Refusal – application is contrary to the following policies: Hurst C1 – Conserving & enhancing Character of the Countryside Hurst C3 & Hurst H1– Development would encroach beyond the boundaries of the Northern Arc DP12 – Protection & Enhancement of Countryside DP15 – New Homes in the countryside DP26 – Character and Design DP28 – Accessibility DP37 – Trees and woodland Additionally: Potential effect on trees on the site subject to a TPO. The development would further increase the excess number of homes already permitted above those agreed within the made Neighbourhood Plan.  The response will be submitted by the deadline of 30 July 2020.  

RESOLVED:  That the Council noted the response to the consultation. 

(2) 145 High Street, Hurstpierpoint BN6 9PU– Cllr Machan reported that the enforcement notice against this property expired at the end of June. He recommended that whilst the recent lockdown period should be acknowledged, a timetable of when the work is planned should be requested.  

(3) Cllr Evans raised a query regarding DM/20/0585, Alders Farm, Brighton Road, Hurstpierpoint requesting a report from MSDC Planning Portal, the assistant clerk to provide this.  Cllr Machan explained that the temporary permission permitted through DM/16/4199 expired at the end of February 2020.  

MSDC Cllr Bennett will be approached in relation to both applications to contact MSDC Enforcement Team.  

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.03 p.m.                                                               Chairman