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Strategic Planning Working Group

July 7, 2015

MINUTES of the Meeting of the STRATEGIC PLANNING WORKING GROUP  held on Tuesday 7 July 2015 held in the Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint.  

Working Group Members Present 

John Lowman (Chairman)  Rosemary Burns  David Evans Stephen Hand  Tony Lank  Judith Marsh  

Also Present:   

Allan Brown 

Stephen Hoyles – CLERK TO THE COUNCIL 

SP15/007.   Apologies for absence and declarations of interest:  The Working Group received and accepted the following apologies for absence from members of the Working Group:  Rodney Jackson, Matthew Stokes, John Wilkinson.  

The following declarations of interest were made in accordance with the Code of Conduct:  Judith Marsh declared a personal interest in the site at Kingsland Laines, Sayers Common (MinuteSP15/010).  

SP15/008.  Minutes of the Meeting of the Strategic Planning Working Group 9 June 2015:   The Minutes of the meeting were received and accepted and signed by the Chairman.   

SP15/009.  Review of information:  The Group noted the following items since the last meeting of the Working 


SP15/009.1 Meetings held:    

  1. (1) Planning consultant:  The Clerk held a meeting with Dale Mayhew at the Parish office on 24 June 2015, to discuss the process of the Housing Sites Appraisal for Sayers Common and the response to the DCLG regarding the Kingsland Laines judicial review.   
  2. (2) Land at Coombe Down, Sayers Common:  The Clerk met a representative of the landowners/developers at the 

Parish Office, at which possible layouts were tabled for new housing development ranging from 4 to about 10 units.  The Clerk advised that the site was being included in the Housing Sites Appraisal process.  

SP15/009.2  Other information:   

  1. (1) Meeting with MSDC:  The Chairman of Council reported on a meeting which had taken place earlier in the day.  It was attended by  the Chairman of Council, the Working Group Chairman, the Parish Clerk,  District Ward members, and the MSDC Council Leader  and Planning Cabinet Member and senior officers from MSDC.  The purpose of the meeting was to establish the procedures for reviewing planning applications, now that the Neighbourhood Plan  is Made.  The meeting also addressed the Parish Council’s position on aspects of the emerging District Plan, including the aspirational A2300 Science Park, and progress on the Northern Arc development.  In respect of the Science Park, it had been noted that the interest had emerged from Brighton, Surrey and Chichester Universities, to establish a high-tech research and business centre, providing high-quality employment.  MSDC advised that WSCC were currently carrying out a feasibility study.  The Parish Council repeated its concern about the selection of site, the need for the facility, and the environmental impact. MSDC had suggested that the Parish Council should present its concerns but asked that it considered resisting a full objection, until more details were known.   
  1. (2) Mid Sussex District Plan 2015:  Further to Minute SP15/006 (3) of the Working Group meeting of 9 June 2015, the matter of ‘saved policies’ from the 2004 Local Plan has been raised with MSDC.  It has transpired that the generic planning policies, covering such issues as Character and Design and Dwelling Space Standards, will be included in the new District Plan.  (Ref:  MSDC email  – saved policies – 11 June 2015)   
  1. (3) ‘Ham Fields’ development – London  Road, Hassocks:  It was reported that the appeal for 90 houses by 

Gleeson Homes had been dismissed, with the Inspector’s Report citing the importance of the Hassocks/Hurstpierpoint Local Gap, as set out in the HP&SCPC Neighbourhood Plan, and as presented by the Chairman of Council at the public inquiry.  The Working Group  acknowledged the success of the Chairman of Council and thanked him for his input.   (Ref:  Planning Inspectorate ltr 2 July 2015 Appeal ref: APP/D3830/A/14/2226987) 

  1. (4) Highfield Drive development:  The Clerk advised that he understood from the developer that it was expected that work would commence on the 17-house development in October 2015.   

SP15/010.  PARISH 2031 Neighbourhood Plan –  SAYERS COMMON – Housing Sites Appraisal:  The 

Working Group reviewed progress on the Housing Sites Appraisal for Sayers Common.  The Council’s retained Planning consultant has produced a report covering the nine known sites on the schedule (Parish Housing Land Availability PHLAA) which the Working Group was asked to note.  It was agreed that the Housing Sites Appraisal Schedule is updated and the consultant’s report appended, and the documents published for comment and information with a closing date midSeptember 2015.  It was suggested that a display could be presented, perhaps in the Community Shop in Sayers 

Common.   (Ref:  Report on Future Housing sites,  Sayers Common (Dowsett Mayhew)  June 2015 ;  Parish Housing Land Availability Assessment (PHLAA) – Methodology  May 2015 ) 



                        PARISH COUNCIL 

RECOMMENDATION  to Council:  The updated Housing Sites Appraisal Schedule (Sayers 

Common) and the consultant’s report on sites are published for information and comment.  

SP15/011.  Kingsland Laines, Sayers Common – response to DCLG:  Further to Minute SP15/004.2 of the 

Working Group  meeting of 9 June 2015, the Working Group considered a draft response to the Judicial Review  decision, prepared by the Council’s Planning Consultant, following the planning enquiry.  The closing date was 10 July 2015 and it was agreed to make a response and report to Council.  There was some discussion as to the merits of requesting a reopening of the public inquiry and it was agreed that Members would send their views to the Clerk, who would consider with the Working Group Chairman and confer with the Panning Consultant.  (Ref:  DCLG ltr  ref APP/D3830/A/12/2189551,  16 June 2015;  Draft HP&SCPC response) 

RECOMMENDATION  to Council:  The Council notes the agreed response to the Judicial Review of the planning decision.   

SP15/012.  Mid Sussex District Plan – Pre-Submission Version – March 2015:  The closing date for comments on the Plan is 24 July 2015.  It was noted that the substantial issue of concern remained the aspiration of the A2300 Science Park  (Policy DP2) and, following the MSDC meeting of 7 July 2015 (Minute SP15/009.2 above) the 

Working Group agreed that the Parish Council should prepare a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MSDC.  This 

MoU would set out the key areas of concern, which would have to be investigated and addressed before the Parish 

Council considered its support.  Key points for a MoU would be presented ot Council for consideration.  (Ref:  MSDC 

District Plan  Submission Version  March 2015;  HP&SCPC email 15 January 2015) 

RECOMMENDATION  to Council:  The Council offers a A2300 Science Park Memorandum of Understanding to MSDC, to agree key areas to be investigated and addressed before the Parish Council considers its support.   

There being no other business the Chairman closed the Meeting at   9.03 pm.   Chairman 

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