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June 5, 2015

MINUTES of the Meeting of the STRATEGIC PLANNING WORKING GROUP  held on Tuesday 09 June 2015 held following the Planning committee meeting in the Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint.  Working Group Members Present 

John Lowman (Chairman)  David Evans  Stephen Hand  Tony Lank Judith Marsh   Julia Shorrocks    

  Also Present:   

John Wilkinson  

Stephen Hoyles – CLERK TO THE COUNCIL 

SP15/001.  Election of the Chairman :  The Working Group elected its chairman for the Council Year from 21 May 2015.  One nomination was received at the meeting John Lowman was duly elected as Chairman.    

SP15/002.  Apologies for absence and declarations of interest:  The Working Group received and accepted the following apologies for absence from members of the Working Group:  Rodney Jackson,  Matthew Stokes.  The following declarations of interest were made in accordance with the Code of Conduct:  Judith Marsh : personal interest in respect of items SP15/004.2  (2) (Kingsland Laines development)  and SP15/005 (PARISH 2031 Neighbourhood Plan  –  SAYERS COMMON – Housing Sites Appraisal).   

SP15/003.  Minutes of the Meeting of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group 6 May 2015:   This Working Group is the successor to the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group and therefore it was appropriate to receive and adopt the minutes which was agreed and the minutes signed by the Chairman.  As a matter arising it was noted that at Council Meeting 21 May 2015 (Minute C15/005) Allan Brown had been appointed to the Working Group.  However, it was agreed to RECOMMEND to Council that John Wilkinson  should be appointed in his place.   

RESOLVED:  RECOMMEND to Council:  That John Wilkinson replaces Allan Brown on the Working Group.  

SP15/004.  Review of information:  The Group noted the following items since the last meeting of the Working Group:   SP15/004.1 Meetings held:    

  1. (1) Land north of Kings Centre, Sayers Common:  The Clerk met the owner of land north of Kings Centre, at the owner’s request on 13 May 2015.   As part of the current review of available possible housing sites in Sayers Common, the owner presented outline proposals for 30 bungalows on part of the land, together with  improvements to the drainage ponds to the north.  The site has been since added to the Schedule of Housing Sites for appraisal.  (Ref:  NOTES of Meeting  -13 May 2015) 
  2. (2) Planning consultant:  The Clerk held a meeting with Dale Mayhew at his Brighton office on 20 May 2015, to discuss the process of the Housing Sites Appraisal for Sayers Common and the Judicial Review outcome for Kingsland Laines.   

SP15/004.2  Other information:   

  1. (1) Burgess Hill Neighbourhood Plan:  The Plan is at the Examination stage and a public hearing is due to take place at 

1.00pm Friday 19 June 2015 at MSDC offices.  The meeting was advised that a Burgess Hill Development Board had been established with membership  comprising the CEO’s of WSCC and MSDC, and the head of highways from WSCC, and Member representation from MSDC and Burgess Hill TC.  An advisory board was also being established and it was expected that this would include two representatives from the Parish Council.  The Working Group welcomed this progress and looked forward to receiving the formal advice.   

  1. (2) Kingsland Laines development (120 houses):  (MSDC Planning ref: 12/03972)  The application was subject to a public enquiry (8 October 2013) following the recovery by the Secretary of State (DCLG).  The Planning Inspector recommended that permission be granted but the Secretary of State overruled (letter 4 September 2014), citing the stage of the Neighbourhood Plan.  The applicant requested Judicial Review  which was heard 25 February 2015 and a judgement was passed on 1 May 2015.  The judgement has dismissed the Secretary of State decision and referred the matter back for review.  It is understood that the 

Secretary of State decision could take some months.  The Parish Council has requested that the retained planning consultant Dale 

Mayhew asks the Secretary of State whether further submissions can be made  before a final decision is made.  The Working 

Group expressed concern that the judgement was challenging the ability of Neighbourhood Plan to set housing targets.  (Ref:  High 

Court of Justice ref:  CO/4594/2014) 

SP15/005.  PARISH 2031 Neighbourhood Plan –  SAYERS COMMON – Housing Sites Appraisal:  The Working 

Group reviewed progress on the Housing Sites Appraisal for Sayers Common.  The Council’s retained Planning consultant had produced a methodology template for the appraisal process (Parish Housing Land Availability PHLAA) which the Working Group was asked to note.  It was noted that the land area for site HP28 was overstated.  The DRAFT Schedule Housing Sites Appraisal for Sayers Common has been updated to include the and north of the Kings Centre, but the systematic analysis by the Consultant has not been completed, and this is expected at the end of June.   

The Working Group agreed to the following timetable for the selection of housing sites: 

Completion of Draft Appraisal Schedule – 30 June 2015 

Consideration of Appraisal Schedule by working Group – 7 July 2015 



                        PARISH COUNCIL 

Approval by Council and publication for consultation – 16 July 2015 

Completion of public consultation – end August 2015 

Review of responses and selection of allocated sites – 1 September 2015 Adoption by Council of allocated sites – 24 September 2015 

(Ref:  Future Housing  Sayers Common- Schedule of Sites – 13 May 2015 rev3 ;  Parish Housing Land Availability Assessment 

(PHLAA) – Methodology  May 2015 ) 

SP15/006.  Strategic Planning policy issues:   

  1. (1) Mayfield Market Town – Letter from joint parish councils:   Following the agreement by Planning Committee  (Minute P15/011.3 – meeting 28 May 2015)  a response had been sent to the Inter-parish group organised by Albourne Parish Council, conditionally supporting the joint letter.  The Working Group affirmed its opposition to the Mayfield Market town, and any other new settlement in the south Horsham and south Mid Sussex areas, on the grounds that there was not demonstrable need for the housing.   
  1. (2) MSDC and 5-year Housing Land Supply:  The Working Group considered the current position of the District Council to the 5-year HLS deficit and considered the possible impacts on planning decisions affecting the Parish.  It was agreed that a meeting with District Members and senior officers would assist in understanding the MSDC position.     
  1. (3) MSDC District Plan 2015:  The Working Group was advised that the Submission Version of the Plan was due to be published for further consultation on 12 June 2015, with the closing date for comments by 24 July 2015.  The Group also noted advice from MSDC that a number of ‘saved policies’ from the 2004 Local Plan were not now being brought forward into the new District Plan. This would have the effect of a deficit of secondary planning policies, if they were not included in the Neighbourhood Plan.  The Working Group expressed considerable concern over this development and it was agreed that MSDC would be asked to advise on what action should be taken.  (Ref:  MSDC letter  MSDC District Plan – Saved Policies – 8 June 2015)   
  1. (4) Burgess Hill Employment Sites Study:  The Meeting noted the publication of the Study and the absence of any reference to the Parish 2031 Neighbourhood Plan, and the inclusion of statements on the Science and Technology Park on the A2300 road.   (Ref:  Burgess Hill Employment Sites Study,  Chilmark Consulting – March 2015)  
  1. (5) Hassocks Neighbourhood Plan:  The Working Group  noted that Hassocks Parish council were consulting on housing sites selection on 10 and 11July 2015.  (Ref:  Hassocks PC email 4 June 2015)   
  1. (6) Quiet Lanes (Neighbourhood Plan  Countryside AIM 1 ):  The matter of progressing the concept with WSCC was raised, and agreed that Davis Evans would gather the evidence required.   

There being no other business the Chairman closed the Meeting at   9.25  pm.   Chairman 

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