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Strategic Policy Working Group

December 5, 2017

MINUTES of the Meeting of the STRATEGIC POLICY WORKING GROUP  held at 8.00pm on Tuesday 5 

December 2017 held in the Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint.  

Working Group Members Present 

John Lowman (Chairman)  Martin Machan 

Allan Brown Steve Whitehaed 

Stephen Hand   

Also Present:   

                             Stephen Hoyles – CLERK TO THE COUNCIL 

SP17/16.  Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Interest:  The following apologies for absence were received prior to the meeting and accepted:  Bob Sampson.  There were no declarations of interest.   

SP17/17. Minutes of the meeting of the Strategic Policy Working Group 11 October 2017:  The Working Group received and accepted the minutes which were then signed by the Chairman.   

SP17/18.  Strategic planning  issues:   

  1. (1) Land Parcel to the rear of Lyndon, Reeds Lane, Sayers Common (DM/17/4448):  The Group noted the decision of the Planning Committee at its meeting 30 November 2017 to  recommend refusal of the application, and the offer of the Nature Reserve land in the event that permission was granted by MSDC.  It was noted that considerable reservations existed about the potential liabilities associated with the land parcel, but agreed that discussions should take place, without commitment at this stage,  regarding the s106 Agreement should permission be granted.  (REF:  BRIEFING NOTE  – The old brickworks application 22 Nov 2017) 

RECOMMENDATION to Council:  That discussions are held with the applicant regarding the s106 Agreement and the possible gifting of the Nature Reserve, in the event that planning permission was granted.   

  1. (2) West End Farm, Goddards Green:  The Working Group reviewed the presentation on the parcel of land south of the A2300 and west of Jane Murray Way, made to the Parish Council and other stakeholders, in Burgess Hill on 24 November 2017.  It was reported that the developers Gleesons were proposing a development of approximately 200 houses at the northeast section of the site, with industrial/employment units to the south and west of the land parcel.  The proposed industrial units abutting the rural area of Gatehouse Lane were considered to be an inappropriate layout, and it was agreed that there was a need for considerable landscape treatment in this area.  The Working Group expressed concern that the developer might not proceed with the industrial development and look to expand the housing development at a later date.  The Working Group  agreed that the Parish Council would want to participate in any pre-application discussions that might be offered.   

SP17/19.  Court Bushes Community Hub:  The Working Group noted that following the decision of Council to proceed in principle with discussions with MSDC about the future of the building  (Council 11 October 2017  Minute C17/061), a meeting of potential stakeholders was convened by MSDC on 28 November 2017.  The meeting included representatives form WSCC, MSDC, the Parish Council, The Ex-servicemen’s Club, The Point Church, the North Hurstpierpoint Residents and Tenants Association, and Clarion Housing.  MSDC agreed that a working group is formed, comprising representatives from the Parish Council, the Point Church and the Ex-servicemen’s Club, to meet with MSDC and formulate a plan for the future use of the building as a community hub.  It was agreed that the Clerk be the representative of the Parish Council as those meetings, and report to Council.  Meanwhile the Clerk was convening a meeting with the Point Church and the Ex-servicemen’s Club to establish the respective objectives.  (REF:  BRIEFING NOTE  Court Bushes Community Hub  proposal  October 2017 )  

SP17/20.  New cemetery:  The Working Group was advised that current estimates for the remaining capacity is approximately 7 years demand at current rates.  The Parish Office was currently preparing a report for consideration by the Council on the possible options for future provision. (REF:   PARISH ACTION PLAN  2016-21 – Item 28) 

There being no other business the Chairman closed the Meeting at   8.55 pm   


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