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Traffic & Parking Working Group

December 8, 2015

MINUTES of a meeting held at  7.30 pm Thursday 8 December 2015 at the Village Centre, Hurstpierpoint. 


Tony Lank  (Chairman)  

Julia Shorrocks 

Rodney Jackson 

Stephen Hand 

Barry Stokes (co-opted member) 

Richard Speller (WSCC Highways). 

In attendance: 

  Peter Griffiths (WSCC  Ward Member) 

Stephen Hoyles (CLERK to the COUNCIL) 

TP15/016.  Apologies for absence and declarations of interest:  No apologies for absence were received before the meeting.  There were no declarations of interest in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct.   

TP15/017.  Minutes of the meeting of the Working Group  15 October 2015:  The Working Group received and accepted the minutes which were then signed by the Chairman.  It was noted  (Reference Minute TP15/015) that the concern in Trinity Road was the poor forward visibility due to the vertical alignment of the road.  The benefits of providing a lay-by for parking were therefore significant, but it was acknowledged that the cost would also be significant.   

TP15/018.  Hurstpierpoint Carparking Survey:  Further to the report to the Working Group at its meeting 15 

October 2015 (Minute TP15/012) the Group now considered the results of the survey in order to make 

RECOMMENDATIONS to Council as appropriate.  The survey of Trinity Road and Brown Twins carparks covered the periods 07.00 to 09.30 and 14.30 to 19.00 on Tuesday 29 September and Thursday 8 October 2015.  The surveys were by observation only.  It was reported that concern had been expressed that the St Lawrence School staff carpark of 12 spaces (off St Christophers Road) was not being fully utilized by the staff, but spaces were being fully taken in the Trinity Road long-stay carpark.  The considerable recent and continuing growth in car ownership and use was noted, and whatever additional provision might be made would be quickly used up.  It was also noted that the carparks are owned and managed by Mid Sussex District Council and any proposed changes to parking arrangements would be subject to their agreement.   

The Working Group considered the BRIEFING NOTE and agreed:   

  1. a) To note the survey results and conclude that the only significant improvement to the long-term parking would be the addition of a 50+ space off-street carpark, but no location has yet been found. 
  2. b) To note the survey results and conclude that there is sufficient benefit to justify the addition of some  short-term, 3hour spaces within the Brown Twins carpark.  This would provide additional short-term parking at the east end of the High Street, and provide for slightly longer short-stay parking, as had been sought by some traders.  It was hoped that about 12 spaces could be released from the long-stay by better use of the St Lawrence School staff carpark.   (Ref:  Carparking Survey – Trinity Road and Brown Twins –  9 October 2015;  BRIEFING NOTE  Offstreet Carparking Hurstpierpoint 2 December 2015 ) 

RECOMMENDATION to COUNCIL:  That MSDC are asked to consider changing about 12 longstay spaces to 3-hour spaces in Brown Twins carpark, Hurstpierpoint.  

TP15/019.  Cuckfield Road, Hurstpierpoint – condition report and feasibility study:  Further to the report to the Working Group at its meeting 15 October 2015 (Minute TP15/013)  the Group was advised that a ‘walkabout’ meeting took place 27 November 2015 attended by the Chairman of the Working Group and Richard Speller of WSCC.  

The following matters were noted for further action and Richard Speller (WSCC) advised the meeting as follows: :  1) Cuckfield Road: Poor road and footway surface condition.  A number of defects were observed at WSCC 

‘intervention’ level (of a size and depth requiring action) and were being attended to.  There was currently no forward plan for resurfacing or reconstruction of the road, so repairs would be undertaken as and when reported.   

  1. 2) Iden Hurst:  Poor road condition at east end was observed. 
  2. 3) Chalkers Lane:  It was noted that the developers had complied with the planning conditions but there was clearly a need for improved and safer pedestrian access.   A short length of new footway was being provided, under a s38 agreement, linking the existing paved footway to the new estate footway in the Chalkers Lane South development.  The Working Group discussed in detail the need for a further link along Chalkers Lane, to the north of the new access road, up to rural footpath 62/HU1.  It was agreed that WSCC would investigate the provision of a new road kerb edge and paved footway, alongside Chalkers Lane, between the new access road and the rural footpath.  The possibility of funding from s106  finds was noted.  (Ref:  Tony Lank email 27 November 2015)   

TP15/020.  High Street Safety Improvements Scheme (HSIS) Hurstpierpoint:  Further to the report to Council on 29 October 2015, the Working Group noted:  



                        PARISH COUNCIL 

  1. (1) Stage 3 Road Safety Audit and Designer’s Response:  The Working Group noted that the Audit which had been forwarded to WSCC for their analysis.   
  2. (2) Kerb-sets:  There was some concern that some of the granite kerbs are being dislodged.  It was suggested that the shallower section of the granite sets, as required by the conservation groups (Hurstpierpoint Society), compared with the conventional concrete section kerbs, mean that there is less depth to embed in concrete foundation.  This matter is being monitored.   
  3. (3) Chantry House entrance:  The residents of Chantry House have claimed that it has been necessary to widen their entrance due to the reduced swept-path, caused by the narrowing of the High Street at this point.  The residents therefore demolished one of the entrance pillars and have asked the Council to rebuild.  There was some 

misunderstanding during the construction phase when it was alleged that a resident instructed the contractor to rebuild and he agreed, but this has not been confirmed.  In any event, the contractor would not be permitted to receive instructions from anyone other than the Council.  The Parish Office has agreed to investigate the rebuilding.   

  1. (4) 20mph restriction:  The TRO had been approved and a quote to supply and install signs had been received from the contractor and would be considered by the Finance and General Purposes Committee at its meeting 10 December 2015.   

TP15/021.  Correspondence and information:  The Working Group noted the following and considered any RECOMMENDATIONS to COUNCIL for referring schemes to WSCC:   

  1. (1) College Lane – HGV’s:  A letter had been received from a resident concerning frequent disruption due to HGV’s not being able to properly transverse the Lane.  The matter is included as an ‘Aim’ in the current Neighbourhood Plan  ((AIM Transport aim 4) that a traffic management scheme should be investigated in due course.  It was agreed that this topic would remain in the Council’s current aims and Infrastructure Programme.  (Ref:  Email Mrs Walsh – 4 November 2015;  HP&SCPC email 10 November 2015)   
  2. (2) The Meeting was advised that the WSCC ‘SID’ machine (speed indicator device) was available to parishes for about two weeks each year.  The Working Group agreed that it should be sited at Cuckfield Road and London Road, Sayers Common, when it came available.   

There being no other business the Meeting closed at  9.05  pm.   


Members of the Working Group: 

Barry Stokes (Co-opted Group  Member)    

Gill Blackburn (Co-opted Member) 

Tony Lank (HP&SCPC Member) 

Stephen Hand  (HP&SCPC Member) 

Julia Shorrocks (HP&SCPC Member) 

Rodney Jackson (HP&SCPC Member) 

Richard Speller  (WSCC Highways) 

Cc:      Members of Council 

                        Peter Griffiths (MSDC District Ward Cllr)  

  District Council Ward Members 

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