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Traffic & Parking Working Group

June 23, 2015

Traffic & Parking Working Group   

MINUTES of a meeting held at  7.30 pm Tuesday 23 June 2015 at the Village Centre, Hurstpierpoint. 


Tony Lank  (Chairman) 

Rodney Jackson 

John Wilkinson  In attendance: 

Stephen Hand 

  Stephen Hoyles (CLERK to the COUNCIL) 

TP15/001.  Election of the Chairman :  The Working Group was asked to elect its chairman for the Council Year from 21 May 2015.  One nomination was received at the meeting and Tony Lank was accordingly elected Chairman.  The Working Group thanked Member John Wilkinson for his time as previous Chairman.   

TP15/002.  Apologies for absence and declarations of interest:  The following apologies for absence were received before the meeting and accepted:   Barry Stokes (co-opted member),  Judith Marsh,  Peter Griffiths (WSCC  Ward Member),  Richard Speller (WSCC Highways).  There were no declarations of interest in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct.   

TP15/003.  Minutes of the meeting of the Working Group  24 March 2015:  The Working Group received and accepted the minutes which were then signed by the Chairman.    

TP15/004.  High Street Improvements Scheme (HSIS) Hurstpierpoint:  The Clerk reported the following matters, further to the report to Council on 18 June 2015  (Minute C15/028):  The publicity items had been drafted and the leaflet was due to be available for the St Lawrence Fair on 4 July 2015.  The s278 Agreement had received minor amendments for clarification and was now ready for signing (as previously authorized by Council).  The Working Group raised questions about whether the s106 funds had been received from MSDC (they had not) and whether WSCC would agree to ‘business as usual’ signs at the diversion points.   

TP15/005.  Correspondence:  The Working Group was asked to note:   

  1. (1) Junction Chalkers Lane/Cuckfield Road:  Resident’s letter expressing concern about traffic speeds approaching from north.  (Ref:  Resident’s email 20 May 2015 – Talbot Mead) 
  2. (2) College Lane:  Resident’s letter expressing concern about congestion in the Lane.  (Ref:  Resident’s ltr 27 May 2015 

– College Lane) 

In both cases the Parish Office had issued a response.  The Working Group noted that a response had been received only from MSDC following the Parish Council’s emails to WSCC, MSDC, Police and St Lawrence School, following concerns being expressed about parking in Trinity road outside the School.  (Ref:  email Mrs Smuraglia – 20 March 2015 and HP&SCPC emails  WSCC, MSDC, Police and St Lawrence School – 26 March 2015;  MSDC email 27 March 


TP15/006.  Review of tasks:  At the start of a new Council Year, the Working Group was asked to review the projects and tasks as detailed on the Parish Council Infrastructure Programme and the Action List.  The Group considered the issues and agreed that the following would be progressed:  

  1. (1) Cuckfield Road Traffic Management:  A feasibility study should be undertaken to explore options for traffic and parking management, taking account of the new developments at Chalkers Lane and Little Park.  The study should also consider the possibility of introducing the Village Gateway at the entrance to the built-up are, as previously investigated.   

RECOMMENDATION to Council:  A Cuckfield Road traffic management feasibility study is commissioned, to be undertaken by highway consultants.   

  1. (2) Carparking survey:  the planned survey should include the Trinity Road and Brown Twins carparks, and South Avenue.  The Group hoped that this survey could commence in late September 2015.  It was hoped that once the results were available, MSDC would be asked to consider the issues and explore options.  
  1. (3) Manor Road:  It was noted that, at the Annual Parish Meeting on 26 May 2015,  a resident had requested ‘residents only’ parking restrictions in the road.  This matter would be referred to MSDC as the parking authority.  
  1. (4) Trinity Road:  It was noted that, at the Annual Parish Meeting on 26 May 2015,  a resident had again asked about the removal of the south side grass verge, to facilitate parking and allow safer 2-way traffic movement.  The Group noted that WSCC had been previously advised of this request.  (Ref:  HP&SCPC email to WSCC 25 March 2015;  Working Group  meeting 9 July 2013 – minute 5) 
  1. (5) Parking Enforcement:  The matter of ‘purchasing’ additional enforcement time from MSDC was raised.  It was noted that this matter had been previously discussed with MSDC who had been concerned about introducing uneven levels of 



                        PARISH COUNCIL 

enforcement across the District.  However, it was agreed that an approach would be made to Hassocks PC to explore the possibility of a joint approach to MSDC to purchase additional enforcement time.   

In considering these issues the Working Group was reminded that the Parish Council  is limited in its powers to make changes to parking and highway issues, and generally can only offer advice to the senior authorities.  (Ref:  HP&SCPC Action List 2015/16 – 19 May 2015- ATTACHED;  HP&SCPC Infrastructure Programme 2014-19 – 18 December 2014 – ATTACHED) 

TP15/007.  Date of next meeting:  8 September 2015.   

There being no other business the Meeting closed at   8.54 pm.   


Members of the Working Group: 

John Wilkinson (HP&SCPC Member)      

Barry Stokes (Co-opted Group  Member)    

Tony Lank (HP&SCPC Member) 

Rodney Jackson (HP&SCPC Member) 

Judith Marsh (HP&SCPC Member) 

Cc:      Members of Council 

            Richard Speller  (WSCC) 

            Peter Griffiths (MSDC District Ward Cllr)  

            Colin Trumble (WSCC Division Ward Member) 

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