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Minutes of the Meeting of the Hurstpierpoint Village Centre Trustees held on Thursday 24 February 2022 at 6.30pm at Court Bushes Community Hub (Charity No 305265)

Trustees present:
Allan Brown (Chair) Tony Lank Malcolm LlewellynJohn Lowman Martin Machan Duncan Ranger Bob Sampson

Also present:                    Sarah Groom, Clerk

  1. Apologies for Absence: Apologies for absence were received from Claire Majsai, Seth Jee and Julia Shorrocks.
  • Declarations of interest: There were no declarations of interest.
  • Previous Minutes:  The minutes of the meeting held on 16 December 2021 were agreed and signed by the Chair, Allan Brown.

4.           Budget Monitoring: The Trustees reviewed the income and expenditure from 1 April 2021 to 31 January 2022.  It was noted that the £8,097 COVID-19 Government grant meant the income was on target at 90%.  The bank reconciliations for 31 January 2022 were agreed and were signed by Duncan Ranger.

5.           Financial Reserves: The Trustees reviewed the earmarked reserves shown on the balance sheet, and whether to make any adjustments, and it was agreed that no adjustments were required at this time but they would be kept under review.  An in depth look would be taken into work to be accrued from 2022/23 back to 2021/22 such as the lighting replacement work (£3,758) and roofing work (£4,780) if not completed and paid for by 31 March 2022.

6.            Hurst Festival Feedback:  The Trustees considered the feedback of the Hurst Festival and their comments on waste disposal and ambient lighting, and it was agreed that the Clerk would work with the Festival Committee regarding to find a holding location for waste and recycling but that the lighting for now was fixed.  Bob Sampson will ask the Festival to contact the office.

7.           Building Condition Survey:  The Trustees noted the building survey priorities for the Village Centre and noted:

  1. the new Wifi and data points throughout the building. 
  2. the new audio visual equipment in the Conference Room for which there would be no additional charge.
  3. the work to bring the old Children and Family Centre room next to the library into use, including in-house decoration, new blinds. WiFi and carpet cleaning.
  4. the urgent roofing work would be completed in mid March 2022.
  5. the new LED lighting would be completed in April 2022.

Further plans for the non-urgent works will be developed and although the funds may not be available for the larger projects, some of the smaller tasks could be completed.  External funding could be explored for the larger projects.  Quotes will be obtained later in the 2022/2023 year for the more major replacement items which will be used to plan future actions.

8.           Budget 2022/2023:  The Trustees considered the draft budget for 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023 and it was agreed:

  • The gas, electric and water code 5010 would be broken down to consider requirements for budget setting.  The electrical supply contract ends in May 2022.  The Gas supply contract prices are locked in until 2023. 
  • The miscellaneous code 5710 would be broken down into:
  • A separate cost centre would be set up for 5360 – Microsoft Teams Licence and a TV Licence (£159 & £159)
  • A separate cost centre would be set up for 5230 for the Music Licence (£1,004)

9.           Date of Next Meetings: The date of the next meetings were agreed as: 21 July 2022 (AGM) and 24 November 2022, at 6.30pm.

The meeting closed at 7.12pm.