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Members are summoned to attend the Community Engagement Meeting to be held on Thursday 10th June 2021 at 7.30pm in the Court Bushes Function Room. Members of the public have a right to and are invited to, attend the meeting. Please note all COVID guidelines must be adhered to: 

1. Wear masks on entry and until seated. Masks must be worn if not seated. 

2. Wash hands well or use hand sanitiser. 

3. Follow the one-way system, clockwise around the room. 

4. Open doors and windows to allow air to circulate. 

5. Public to sign in for Track and Trace. 

6. Maximum room capacity of the Function Room is 24. 

Sarah Groom, Clerk to the Council  


1. Apologies for Absence: To receive and accept apologies for absence. 

2. Declarations of Interest: To receive and record any declarations of interest. 

3. To elect the Vice-Chair of the Community Engagement Committee for the following year: The committee are asked to elect the Vice Chair for this committee.  

4. Minutes of the Previous Meeting of the Community Engagement Committee: To receive and adopt the minutes of the 8th April 2021 Community Engagement meeting. 

5. Adjournment for Questions from the Public: To consider adjourning the meeting, to receive  questions from members of the public in accordance with Standing Orders. 

6. Parish Council Grant Applications

Grant Budget 2021/22: £4,000 

Grants awarded in 2021/22: £300 

Grant Budget remaining in 2021/22: £3,700 

Organisation Grant Request For Grant Approved Date Grant Approved 
Victim Support Supporting victims and volunteers.  £300 April 2021 

New Grant Applications to be considered 2021/22:  

Organisation Grant Request For Amount Requested Grant Approved 
The Melting Pot Café via The Point Church 12 months of storage costs from June/July 2021 at a cost of £40 per month.  £480.00  

6.1 Health & Wellbeing Budget  

Health & Wellbeing Grants budget 2021/2022 £1,000  

Health & Wellbeing Projects budget 2021/2022 £1,000 

Health & Wellbeing grants remaining in 2021/22 = £0,000 

Health & Wellbeing projects budget remaining 2021/2022 = £1,000 

Organisation  Grant Request For Grant Approved Date Grant Approved 
YMCA (Downland School) Counselling Sessions at Downlands School  £1,000 (Awaiting invoice from YMCA) April 2021 

New Grant Applications to be considered 21/22 

Organisation  Grant Request For Amount Requested Grant Approved 

7. Community Initiatives and projects 

7.1 Budget Monitoring:  To receive the budget monitoring report for the Committee.  

Ref: 7.1 CE Nominal Ledger 

Ref: 7.1 Detailed Income & Expenditure 

              7.2 Review of Action Plan: To note the content of Action Plan version 16 and to discuss and review in detail the Community Engagement action points.  

Ref: 7.2 Parish-Action-Plan-Revision-16  

7.3 Heritage Trail: The Mid Sussex District Council Advertisement consent form was completed and sent on 30th April 2021. The fee for the application was £231.00 to be taken from the Tourism & Attractiveness budget 21/22.  The Assistant Clerk has received an up-to-date quote from Sussex Sign Centre for the A0 (1188 x 840mm) aluminium panel for the Heritage Map and due to not needing the aluminium posts this cost has now reduced to £285.60. On 11th May 2021 the Parish Office received signed permission from the owner of 71 High Street to attach the Heritage map to her wall. The Clerk has also been liaising with the Mid Sussex Estates team as they have requested an agreement between both parties which indemnifies Mid Sussex against any claims, injuries or damage if the Heritage Map falls from the wall. We are now awaiting this agreement from Mid Sussex Estates team.  

7.4 Mid Sussex Applaud Awards Nomination:  The committee is asked to discuss whether there are any individuals or groups that they would like to nominate for the 2021 Mid Sussex Applaud Awards. The Clerk has suggested nominating Daren Kannayya who has volunteered to check all the De-Fibs in the Parish and alert us to any problems.    

Ref: 7.4 Applaud Award Information 2021 

7.5 Christmas Lights: The Assistant Clerk was asked to contact Merlin Lighting so the committee could understand the time frame needed to go ahead with new lighting in Sayers Common this year. (Information in briefing note). The committee is asked to note that in the Full Council meeting held on the 29th April 2021 it was agreed & resolved (Minute: F20/21.132) to create a Christmas Lights EMR of £5,000. Cllr Sampson informed the Parish Office 24th May 2021 that the Sayers Common Community Shop would also like to donate £3,000 towards the Christmas light project for Sayers Common this year. Cllr Jee is asked to verbally update the committee on whether the Sayers Common society would like to financially support this Christmas light project. 

The committee is asked to make a decision on Christmas Lights in Sayers Common for 2021 including time frames, quantities of lights and placements within Sayers Common. 

Ref: 7.5 Merlin Christmas Streetlamp Information 

Ref: 7.5 Tourism & Attractiveness Budget 2021 22 

Ref: 7.5 Email received regarding costs for Christmas Lights attached to streetlamps from Merlin Lighting   

Ref: 7.5 Maps of Sayers Common Street lamps 

Ref: 7.5 Example Christmas Light  

Ref: 7.5 Second Example Christmas Light  

7.6 Annual Parish Meeting: The Annual Parish Meeting was held on 18th May via a zoom webinar platform. The evening consisted of five speakers and a video presentation from St Lawrence and Downlands school. Prior to the evening 68 people including 12 councillors and staff had registered to join the event. On the actual evening there were 66 people viewing and at the end of the evening 64. The Parish Office have received positive comments regarding the event and how it was professionally run. The Chair would like to thank Cllr Bedford for her expertise and time in running the webinar. The Committee is asked to review the event, including any highlights or problems.  

7.7 Youth Club Provision in Hurstpierpoint: A Youth Club provision meeting was held on 20th April to discuss the future of the youth club in Hurstpierpoint. A further meeting is scheduled for 13th July at 11:00am at Court Bushes.  

Ref: 7.7 MINUTES Youth Club Provision Meeting 20th April 2021 

7.8 Hurst Rethink Day Saturday 18th September: The Parish Office received an email on 27th May 2021 from a representative of the Hurst Rethink group informing the Clerk that the Hurst Rethink Day had been postponed due to costs and busy timetables. The day will be scheduled for May 2022 instead.  

8. Publicity: The Committee is asked to note the following: 

8.1 Communication: The Assistant Clerk contacted the Hurst Life editor to make them aware that budgets for the Parish Council are set in December each year and further notice for price increases must be given. The editor contacted the Assistant Clerk and confirmed they would honour the £100 per page price until March 2022 and the new price of £125 per page would come into effect in April 2022. The Assistant Clerk also asked the Hurst Life editor whether he could provide information about distribution in Hurstpierpoint but mainly Sayers Common. The editor provided the supporting document which shows the delivery information received from their delivery company. The editor also confirmed the magazines are taken to the Community Shop in Sayers Common and The Sportsman pub in Goddard’s Green.  

REF: 8.1 Hurst Life distribution maps 

8.2 Website:  The website continues to evolve, and the announcement page has become a very well feature of the site. The Assistant Clerk is in regular contact with the website designer and making changes as needed to ensure the website is working correctly for all users.  

8.3 Social Media:  The Parish Council Facebook page is being used regularly to update the Parish on road closures, events, Hurst Life articles and upcoming work in the Parish. The Annual Parish Meeting was regularly posted about on this page and shared to a variety of different local pages. The page currently has 441 likes and 541 followers.  

9. Information Items, Correspondence Received and Requests: To note any items.